Tom's Driveway Down, 8-28-1, #942
Oil Painting on Location

Painting fast is a mind set. This is a 15"x11" oil painting using damar and 3% to 5% wax. This painting is painted on the inside cover of my brush and palette box.
I like to start with a full palette, 25 colors, because... no matter what color I leave out, that's the color I'm going to need. That's just the way it happens.

I won't use all the colors this time, but I'll be painting another painting right after this with the same palette. With a hard pencel I drew in the major shapes and biggest tree lines. That took less then 5 minutes.

I smeared in all the background colors with a rag or brush, another couple of minutes. Thin down these colors with medium, not just turpentine. That way you can use those colors as final paint.

What colors were used in this painting?
Thalo Green
Thalo Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Dioxine Purple
Red Oxide
Yellow Green
The darkest darks were made by mixing Magenta with Thalo Green.
The painting took a little more then two hours.


White is in the middle of the palette. 
The left top of the palette is from Liquitex Dioxazine Purple, Mussini Ult. Blue Deep or Light, Rembrandt Cobalt Blue Deep, Grumbacher Thalo Blue, Mussini Opaque Green Light and Mussini Thalo Green or Grumbacher Thalo Green Y/S. 

The left side down goes from the top Liquitex Dioxazine Purple, Mussini Bt. Umber, Mussini Bt. Sienna, Blockx Venetian Red, Mussini Yellow Raw Ocher, Mussini Naples Yellow Light or Deep to Daniel Smith Quinacridone Magenta at the bottom.

The bottom row of colors is from the left, Daniel Smith Quinacridone Magenta, Rembrandt Rose, W/N Cadmium Red Light, Rembrandt Chinese Vermilion Extra, Mussini Cadmium Orange, Old Holland Indian Yellow-Brown Lake Extra, Old Holland Indian Yellow-Orange Lake extra, Old Holland Gamboge Lake Extra, Old Holland Cadmium Yellow Medium and Grumbacher Cadmium Barium Yellow Pale, Bellini Lead Yellow Lemon is in the bottom right corner of the palette.

The right side down is from Mussini Thalo Green on the top, than Mussini Permanent Green Light, Mussini Genuine Golden Green, Old Holland Yellow Green and Bellini Lead Yellow Lemon at the bottom.

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