"En Plein Air is Painting on Location"
"En Plein Aire is Painting on Location"
Oil Palette Colors

Cool Magenta, Cobalt Violet Phosphate transparent.

Medium Magenta, Quinacridone PR122 transparent.
Warm Magenta, Phthalo Crimson, PV19, transparent.

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2014, I may have the last tube of New York Bocour Cobalt Violet. I don't think it has been made for 50+ years, the tube is made of lead and New York City is pressed on the top flange of the tube. This magenta made the first RCW when gamboge was the only translucent/transparent yellow and Thalo blue was new.

PR122 quinacridone magenta is a perfect triadic pigment, also the new Opera pigment (2005) which looks like a tint of magenta in it's mass-tone. Opera has no dark color side like Quinacridone Magenta has.
Opera makes reds as brilliant as cadmium and blues as vibrant as Ultramarine.
PV:19 has many brand names, Permanent Rose, Phthalo Crimson, Quinacridone Crimson, Thalo Crimson, Rembrandt Rose was the first name. It will not make clean blues because it's warmer than PR:122. If you have only one primary magenta it is PR:122.
PR:122 is Quinacridone Magenta, Phthalo Magenta or Thalo Magenta.

To make all colors you see on location, you need three primary colors. Transparent Indian Yellow, PY:150 Brown/s, PY:153 Org/s or PY:100 Tartrazine, water based plus, transparent Magenta PR:122 and PB:15 Cyan.
I challenge any other combination of pigments to paint a more accurate correct looking color wheel.

This RCW should be taught in schools rather than the red-yellow-blue model that each State's School Standards demands.
Today's children have been taught an old wrong color theory.
Thank you ShinHan Art Materials Inc. for sending me a sample tube of the Special WC Opera water color pigment while Opera was still a rumor, without it I never would have tried Opera pigment.

Cobalt Violet Phosphate, Transparent duel-toned is the coolest magenta but not available anymore.
Holbein Opera (PR122+BV10) in direct sun light tests for 8 months shows a small warming change in the tints, it's not as fugitive as alizarin crimson original.

Cobalt Violet Phosphate, Transparent duel-toned
Thalo Green
Opposite color, Mussini Phthalo Green, Transparent

You can make a dark-neutral with Cobalt Violet Phosphate transparent, a duel-toned pigment, or 36RCW#13, PR122 quinacradone magenta transparent, a non-dual-toned pigment mixed with 36RCW#31 PG36 Phthalo Green Yellow/side (the original green) transparent.
Cobalt Violet Phosphate is a bleeding pigment in oil, use it as a top color or top glaze only.
No other element will make this exact hue.

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