Painting Reflections on Location

Reflections are only seen by you
you see your own set of reflections just as you see your own rainbow.

Notice here how the masts' reflections start at the base of the object and come towards your base (your feet).
Reflections Harbor 1
Here it's noticeable in the mooring posts as well. The left mast is not perfectly vertical, that's why the reflection isn't angled back to your base as the mooring posts are. My 30' trimaran, "Tri Go" was moored across from this boat ramp for two years. At the same time I had a restaurant in Lahaina.
Reflections Harbor 2
The camera lens distortion is very visible when the photo above is compared to this photo. Look at the curved line formed by the base of the boats here and the straighter line formed above. The fact that the masts and mooring posts reflections are coming toward your feet can still be seen in each photo though.
Reflections Harbor 3
The farther away the masts or buildings are the less noticeable the angle is. The angle back to you is still there though.
This is single point perspective, the horizontal distance in the foreground is equal to the small horizontal distance in the background.
Thanks for the photo Sandee
This drawing is the top view of the above photo. 
The camera is at the bottom of the drawing, the two outside angled lines of the drawing appear as the straight sides of the photo.
Two things are happening. One, the photo has made the lower blue line between the angled black lines appear as large as the top red line. Two, this apparent distortion has caused the distant buildings reflections to be less apparent.
Top line drawing view of the photo.
This last photo of mine is a mirror reflection of objects up close. You can see the objects reflections converging. That's one of my oil paintings in the background.
mirror reflection

I found another image of correct reflections, painted by a girl who looks 18, Kathleen B. Hudson.

Here is her blog, Kathleen B Hudson
I'm going to follow her as I think she is very good and has a great future.

reflection blockin Kathleen Hudson

More Perspective in Water Reflections, new window.

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