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Hana Vine Tree

Watercolor, 15x22

Here's how to test for a good classic watercolor. When you look at it from behind, with a strong light on the front, like the sun, you can see exactly what was or wasn't painted correctly. Perhaps an area was laid over with two different colors, the second one being opaque and of a different hue. Or an erasure mark will show up, or a pencil line. You can really be proud when it looks the same. This one took three days on location to finish on a half sheet of paper. It's a classic, I don't have many of those.

I just got 10 sheets of #300 Fabriano HP and have a loaded transparent three primary color palette ready, 2-17-13, and a cat that will pose for me - or not.   The "not's" have it, still, 11-24-15. I should feed her some wet food.

Hana Vine Tree, Watercolor, 15x22
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