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Hana Mountains

Acrylic on linen panel, 15x22

I made this page back when 1.8 GB was a big computer. It seems I skimped on the size of this jpg and lost the original tif. I didn't have a Mac back then. I'll have to search for the orignal negative and re-scan it. (lean chance that I'll ever get to work on the photos from twenty-some years ago, 11-24-15.)

About the only thing you can get from this photo is the color change in aerial perspective. The lighter farther mountain has a lot of cobalt blue in it and the closer darker mountain is colored with a transparent green and transparent dioxin purple mix. It's real obvious in this painting that I don't use black pigment when matching the color I see with pigments (I have all the best and we have them all.) It's all based on transparent permanent primary and secondary colors.

1) Transparent Yellow PY100 and transparent yellow brown/side PY150.
2) Transparent Magenta PR122 and transparent Deep Violet PR122.
3) Transparent Cyan PB15 is called PigmentBlue15 (misnamed as "Thalo Blue").
Cyan completes the three primary colors.

4) Transparent dioxin purple, translucent ultramarine blue, and opaque cobalt blue.
5) Opaque red-light colored paint.
6) Transparent Green, yellow/side for earth, blue/side for water.
Those are the six primary and secondary pigment colors.

The wire fence that you can't see very well in this top image was laid in with a long haired rigger brush #6, good ones are expensive, but worth it. The best one I found the Isabey Series 6318 Marter Kolinsky Extra #8. If you get one you will treasure it for a lifetime.

Here are two pictures of the Isabey, one under the topic "Water Color Brush Set for on location painting". I had a water based brush set made for me by Kalish Finest Kolinsky.
The other under the topic, "Acrylic Brushes for on location", "The second two are round ferrule pointed end extra long sables. The best! I can paint a whole painting with #12 Isabey.
Both images are located with yellow type, that stands out from the white type descriptions.

Here are two images of the Hana Mountains from a long time ago.

#08 Hana Mountains, Acrylic

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