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Keanae Bridge Silk Screen

22x30, 24 in edition

This silk screen was done with 13 colors, the two and three color blends were either pulled vertically or horizontally. I have two different size squeegees. It took a week to pull 25 of these prints. The paints were acrylic based. Ammonia was added to the paint to retard mold during storage. I printed this silkscreen in my friends tee shirt shop on Maui.

42 Keanae Silk screen, 29 colors

The top picture is finished, the bottom picture is about half way finished. The sky was the first color down so I took advantage of the situation and did some hand work on each sky, changed the color a little, added some texture. This was the only chance to give each picture a little something extra. Every screen has at least two or three different colors blended from one side to the other, either top to bottom or side to side. This is a real hand made, hand pulled silkscreen. That's rare today.

Partial Keanae Silk screen

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