Three Primary Colors
"En Plein Air is Painting on Location"

Kipahulu Pali

Water Color on Arches #300, 7.5x11

Here is the "rule of edges", it's darker next to the light and lightest next to the dark.  In water colors, I completely outline each local pattern before I start painting. Paint all the way up to the line, not on the line.  When the area is dry, erase the line with a kneaded erasure.

There is another way I do watercolors, wet the paper down and with a light wash I start drawing with paint and keep drawing with increasingly darker colors until the painting is dry. This is a good time, after the paper is dry, to completely wet the paper again and start drawing/painting again. The dry colors will not move.

I painted two paintings from this spot, looking forward and looking 180 behind me. This is the valley the Alii Waterfalls are in. Watch out for falling rocks when the canyon walls get steep.

Notice the curve of the earth is highest in the direction I'm facing, it always is.

48, Kipahulu Pali

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