Painting on Location by Donald A. Jusko

Buon Fresco Portrait

First Portrait

John's First Portrait, 02-17-04, 12"x12"

I started this portrait 12:30, without any lines, like I often do a watercolor. Thin washes made all the forms, stroke over stroke to make them darker. Then I added the darks, lastly I will add the highlights. I'm using titanium white when I have to but mostly it's just the background mortar. Traditionally lime would be used for the whites. I'm a little leery of adding lime white and not seeing the results as I paint. 6:00 finished.

John, buon fresco

Opps.. I didn't scratch and roughen the dry first mortar coat... A slight inadvertent mishap on day two, and half the fresco fell off.
My mortar was too wet to start with, thanks to my eye measurements. Most of the color changes happen in the first day, I'll glue it back together and keep an eye on the colors. I noticed the dark on the lower lip, it was lightened with titanium white to a pink, it dried darker. Well it might not have dried darker but the surrounding colors dried lighter and it looks darker.

John buon fresco error

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