Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Mango on a Silver Dish

5.5x7.5 Mastic oil on poly cloth covered panel, 6-30-00, #849

Painted with one opaque primary color, cadmium yellow light and two secondary colors, opaque cadmium red light and translucent ultramarine blue. Eleven years later, 2011, a new color was introduced, PR122 + BV10, Opera. Opera can be used as a primary color but it won't make a deep magenta like pure PR122, so it can't be used in ink-jet printers. It will make strong reds and blues though, like in this painting.

See all the colors with their relationships.

Ull Blue opposit Cad Yellow
You found 2 colors of the same value.
Pure Cadmium Red opposite Thalo Blue
Ult Blue to dark neutral with Brown
Pure Cadmium Yellow opposite Ult Blue
Brown, the shadow color of Yellow

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