Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Poli Poli 6,500 Ft. Elevation

Water Color, Arches Hot Pressed, 10x14, #908, 9-19-03

Parasailing with Chuckie the Duck

Dexter, Chuckie and me.

Me and Chuckie Duck

I'm suited up and getting ready to parasail. Hi Sis!

Getting ready to fly

Chuckie in my van.
The steering wheel is my easel.
Chuckie in my van

The little arrow is pointing to Chuckie, he's flying with us.
There's Chuckie!

I took my camera, below is the road up to Poli Poli.

I spent the night up here in Poli Poli, the temperature dropped to 39 degrees. I was prepared so that was no problem. 6:00 I was getting ready for a days painting. 7:00 three cars pulled up to the same spot and began unpacking their paragliders, we talked and decided to trade.

They would take me paragliding and I would do a painting for Dexter, the owner of Proflyght Paragliding. and Chuckie would fly with us. They strapped me in and off we went, straight into the clouds, it was a white out! I saw the 'Specter of Grotten' on a cloud shadow with a rainbow halo around my head. Turns dropped our elevation, severely.. My stomach had a little trouble there, but it was still fun.

We flew from 6,500 feet to 3,500 feet in 15 minutes. That evening they returned for another flight and I painted this water color. It was a good trade for this traveling artist.

Poli Poli parasail painting

I just had to put in these last two pictures.

Chuckie up closeEvening Parasailing

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