Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Lahaina Carthaginian
Whaling Ship, 1800

22x30 Watercolor, # 909, 10-16-03

The Lahaina Carthaginian is a square rigger sailing ship. From back when Lahaina was the whaling capitol of the world in 1850

First wash the paper down to remove the extra external sizing. When it's dry, start drawing with a 2H pencil. Keep your lines light enough to erase. When applying the first wet area, don't wet the pencil lines, or they won't erase.

Lahaina Carthaginian photo

I started drawing 8:30 this morning and finished12:30. It wasn't easy
The ship was moving on it's lines, changing the ships perspective constantly. I didn't bring my umbrella so I was getting sun spots on the paper, grrr. Tomorrow I'll be better prepared.

Day 2, On location at 8:30. This time I had my umbrella. First I wet down the sky with my 5" elephant ear sponge, I should have used my 2" for the tight work, but I didn't. While that was drying I did the highlights in the water, then jumped into the ship because it was an area that didn't touch the sky or water. Now the foreground land got it's first color and I could take a break. Everything was dry, added the first color in the pier. With this all done and dry I erased the pencil lines. It was 11:30 and the wind was picking up from the sea, time to pack up.
Day 2, 3 hours

Day 3, 8:30 to 11:30. Early in the morning it was sunny and I gave the sky another coat of color, then it became cloudy. I stopped adding final colors and just added the under-tone pattern colors where I could. Tuned up my drawing with new lines and got rid the one's not needed, because of the new patterns painted in today making edges I could use. I guess it was a good day.
Day 3

Day 4, Beautiful day. I was on location by 7:00, left at 11:00. The sun was bright, the wind didn't pick up until 10:00. I got some good time and location colors today, My clear plexi straight edge came in real handy for all the architecture.
Day 4, 4 hours

I really get upset knowing all of today's artists don't have the brush I consider my most important style. The flat end, long hair, round ferrule rigger. Looking at the art catalogs today you wont find one of this style brush available. It's getting so bad most brands do not distinguish between the script liner (pointed end, long hair, round ferrule) and the rigger. W/N now calls their liner a rigger. A. Langnickle was the last supplier I can remember selling it, today they don't even advertise this brush. So sad. This is what the A. Langnickle Series 197, #8 brush looks like in case you ever get a chance to get one of this style.

This Style also came in a Series 187 and Series 167 (great for fine detail work, a pencil point brush with a flat end.) They came in different lengths also. Since you probably won't see this Series again and all of my best brushes are at least 35-40 years old now in 2014. Here are some of the size Series, all Series came in size numbers also.
Series 150, #12, 1/4" across the ferrule, 1 1/2" long.
Series 134, #8, 1/8" across the ferrule, 1 3/4 long.
Series 60, #10, 4/32" across the ferrule, 1" long.
Series 37, #9, 5/32 across the ferrule, 1 1/8" long These brushes had no belly to speak of, they were lean and mean, pulled a long stroke and worked in corners.

Rigger Brush

Day 5, another beautiful day, only the rigging to go. Not that it's going to be easy.
I used my rigger (flat end, round ferrule) for the ribs in the fence. Could you imagine painting them in with a pointed liner? Oh the pain. I'll be using a rigger for the rigging also, it will give me long even lines. The pointed liner is better suited for tree branches where the line's width is veritable.
Day 5

It took a day to draw in the riggings and a day to paint them in. I used a #1, 1" long liner brush. The reason I painted this ship is because the powers that be (Lahaina Planning Committee) plan on sinking it, it will be used by the divers to explore. The reason.. so the tour boats can tender their visitors from a new pier. Money rules, beauty loses, again. Just a note here, the week they sank the boat the big ships stopped coming.
Day 7, finished

NEXT PAINTING, Kamaoli to Kaoolawi Is. #910, 11-16-03, Grandma's Workshop


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