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Oil Palette Colors

Yellow is at the top of my artists colorwheel, magenta is to the right.
All four of these Yellows can make close to the same bright yellow color.
This background is a tint of Cad. Lemon Yellow. Brown is Dark Yellow.

Cadmium Yellow Lemon

(Mussini top-tone tint)

Mussini, RCW#1.08.1, Opaque

Old Holland Gamboge Lake Extra, Transparent, duel-toned.
Old Holland Gamboge Lake Extra, Transparent, duel-toned,
Old Holland Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Extra, Transparent, duel-toned,
Old Holland Indian Yellow-Orange
Old Holland Indian Yellow-Brown Lake Extra, Transparent, duel-toned

Burnt Umber

Raw Umber

Those are opposite colors to
Mussini Ultramarine Light
or dark, translucent.

Mussini Ultramarine Blue Light

To make a dark neutral from any yellow color,
use it's darker color burnt umber or raw umber and
mix it with the yellow's opposite color Ultramarine Blue.

Here is a painting done using only the complementary colors.
Yellow to Brown and Ultramarine blue.
This was painted using opaque acrylic yellows.


This one is an oil painting.
One thing that stands out well in both paintngs are the nice rich neutral darks.

One company still makes an oil transparent yellow,
they saved it for 100 years for us. Artists would learn to use it again in 1996.

Old Holland had done it with Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Extra, transparent, dual-tone
and Indian Yellow-Brown Lake Extra, transparent, dual-tone.

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