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Hana Bay Picnic Area

Acrylic on Panel, 22x30

This scene is the Hana Bay picnic area showing the pier in the background. These afternoon shadow colors on Hana Hill are a combination of Magenta and Green, use Thalo Green not Viridian. Viridian is a bit muddy in lighter tones and isn't true when mixed with other colors. The hill shadow colors are not as dark as the foreground shadow colors but it is very difficult to show the difference in a photo.

Red Sand Beach is at the back of Hana Hill, it's Hana's secret, that along with Peli's Hana Heart up in the hills. Peli has red hair, I think she lived in Hana, I saw where she landed on Maui on some smooth lava rock, her dog Poki is close by and some little girls showed me Poki's little pup that stays close by her rain or shine.

06 Hana Bay Picnic Acrylic on Panel. 22x30

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