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Clause Spreckles Engine No.1

Acrylic on Linen Panel, 22x30,

This painting took longer then any other I ever did. The extended time was one year. I guess I worked three days a week from 11 to 5. Painting # 541, Finished 5-6-92

   Architecture always takes a long time. This drawing was very important because in this picture's lineal perspective was very important.  The viewing size on the support is 60 degrees, the left and right vanishing points are 90 degrees apart on the horizon line.

I made a tool to keep it all accurate. You can make one too, the instructions are in my course, in the Painting on Location section, Perspective.

    Those warm darks are made from the combination of the opposition Yellow and Blue.  This translates to the pigment opposition Ultramarine Blue and burnt Umber. Light and pigment oppositions are explained and matched in the color section of my course.

It wasn't long after this painting was finished that this engine disappeared from Maui forever. I rode in it & rang the bell. I gave it to my Mom, my sister owns it now.
28 Train, Acrylic

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