Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

D.T. Flemings Beach, Maui

Watercolor, 22x30 Cold Pressed, Waterford

August 25, 2003
I arrived at 7:30 to find my view. Sporting my new WC15 easel and a new batch of my favorite W/C paper, 300# Cold Pressed Waterford, I was ready to rock and roll. The easel board I'm painting on is 1/4 " plywood. The flap which you see here is 1/8" mahogany plywood, it's protecting the paper. The umbrella is pointing at the sun, opened it shades my paper and me.
9:00 I washed off the extra surface sizing on the paper and when it was almost dry, started drawing. With a light wash of color and my 1 1/8" extra long, extra fine, kolinski sable, Isabey #8, Series 6318 . Nice..
Set up
9:30, I was finished with the light wash drawing.
Next I tilted the paper top down and re-wet the ski. It was Thalo Blue Cyan at the horizon line heading up to Ultramarine Blue. With the paper wet I took a round #36 White Sable Syn., mixed up a well of cyan and purple. This ultramarine blue hue mix was at the now bottom of the upside down page. I laid this in and left room for the clouds. Than jumped to the top with a load of cyan and blended the two together. Fun. Next a little visitor to Maui named Marisa posed for me, I gave her a Real Color Wheel and Maui Coloring Book.


Day 1
10:30, I finished adding any new colors. 11:30 I started packing, done for the day. Tomorrow I have some big decisions to make. which will be lighter the green water or the sand. Do you see that skinny center tree? I went to my van to get my camera and the wind blew my easle over, and the paper scraped down my chair, that tree was a scrape line from the chair on my paper, now it's a tree.

Today I taught Marisa how color works with my color wheel wheel and my water colors. She learned how to mix all the colors in the world with three colors.
The family stopped by again today, she is a gymnast of the 5th rank. I thought she was a fast learner, she remembered everything I taught her.
Marisa W/C

Day 2, The green water was darker than the sand. Tomorrow I'll do some work on the middle ground sand and the top of the tree on the left. I'm still adding color only from 9:00 to 10:00.
Day 2

rainbow Don and Marisa

Day 3, It rained a little this morning but I just tilted the WC15 toward me to protect the paper and waited it out, No problem, I finished by 10:00. I should have had a large trash bag with me.
day 3

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