Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Fresco Painting
Giornate Cuts

What you can't finish in a day, you cut away.

I'm practicing my giornate cuts, 45 degree angles to the outside, cut with my painting knife.
On this brick I also did a marble effect. Coloring little blobs of lime different tints of thalo blue and arranging them on the brick, and smoothing them out with direction.

The first section, the orange, I painted with only three colors, Indian yellow PY108, thalo cyan PB15 and Quinacridone magenta PR202 which is very similar to PR122. I used slaked lime to lighten the highlights, they don't show up yet but they will when it's dry in about a week, the background is Italian White Earth.

Filling in the cut.
Usually one waits for the first section to dry before laying in the second giornate but I wanted to finish this tonight. Wet the lower layer and the cut edges before adding the mortar.

The Lemon 01-22-04
First I painted the mortar with powdered lime white paint, the lemon is on top of that in the same three colors as the orange. Hours of preparation, minutes of painting.

02-05-04, Don't touch the troweled faux marble finish with fresco color or secco color, the colors laid on top of the wet or dry colored plaster do not lighten as much as the mixed mortar and pigment do. Wait a month before adding any secco to faux marble fresco.

day 16

The lime white under the lemon was very white on 02-05-04. I scrubbed away some of the white calcium carbonate and painted in a wash of lime water and titanium white on bottom left half of the scrubbed area, on the right bottom is egg yolk and titanium white, very white, both are in secco. Egg looks like the winner.

The orange's lime white highlight became more pronounced. Most everything became lighter and brighter with more contrast. 21 days later the highlight in the orange was white. That's from nearly invisible to white. It's much better not to leave anything to chance and use Titanium White instead. That's my opinion so far.

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