Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Making Plexiglas Fresco Trowels

I'm giving a fresco class to the seventh graders at Maui's Waldorf School next week. To save some money they are all making their own trowels. Here are the proto types I made for them. They are much better than any trowel on the market for fresco. Being made from Plexiglas you can see where it connects to the mortar. The shapes are perfect for 12"x12" tiles. The flat trowel is 13.5 inches long, 3.5 inches wide. Larger sizes can be made for walls. The flat bottoms are slightly rounded at the sides so they don't stick like steel trowels can. 250 grit wet and dry sandpaper did all the modeling. They are an all around better trowel, no rust..

Next is the box to hold the pigments and brushes, everyone's would be different depending on their quantity of pigments and the sizes of brushes.

Last is the leaning brush holder. I tend to use more than one size brush for frescos as single strokes are important for laying even coats of color. I upgraded to a porcelain Japanese chop stick holder.

Fresco Trowels

Fresco Pigment Box

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3 Frescos DVD $35
5"x5" Laminated Real Color Wheel $10.00.