Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Traveling Fresco Palette

My choice, 12 color traveling fresco palette. #18

After my color tests here are the 12 colors I choose to paint anything in front of me in fresco. The pigments are lime safe. The plastic sealed palette is made by Holbine.

12 color fresco palette

The colors are:

(1) Cadmium Yellow, (2) Indian Yellow Br/s, (3) Yellow Ocher, (4) Italian Warm Ocher was changed to Titanium White, (5) Burnt Sienna, (6) Burnt Umber, which is caustic to iron. (7) Ercolano - Hurculaium - Venetian Red

(8) Quinacridone Red, (9) D.S. Alizarin Crimson was exchanged to Cobalt Blue Light and stored in water.

(10) Quinacridone Magenta Y, PR122 (11) Thalo Green, (12) Thalo Blue/Cyan PB15.

They all passed the lime jar time test. Titanium White was added to keep light washes of color from being used.
Today, 8-4-14, I would use Titanium white, Indian yellow br/s, Q. Magenta and Cyan (Phathalocyanine, PBlue15, RCW#25.6, Cyan).
I prefer full color painting to earth color pigments,
RGB codes, CMYK colors.

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Use a new, different, color wheel and palette that matches the light and shadows with pigments.