Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Kaupo Eggs and Brazilian Red Pepper Corns

5.5x7.5 Acrylic on Panel, #885

Day 1
Accuracy in line and basic shadow colors. The white has cleaned the way for the red Brazilian pepper corns.


Day 2,
Cyan and red are the color oppositions in this painting. Making the edge work all around the eggs is the challange. Add they have to set solidly on the plate. Tomorrow morning I'll get the shadows and highlights plus the reflections.


Day 3,
Detail of Brazilian pepper corns, we call them Christmas berries here on Maui. They dry into sweet red pepper.


Day 3 finished
Two sets of complementary colors are in this painting; cyan and red in the background and berries, and orange and cobalt blue for the eggs. No black pigment is used ever, the darks and shadows are made with the complement colors.
This was painted on 12-28-02, it sat unseen in my van until 6-1-14 when I was making room for my new bike. I took out the sink and cabinet that I was using for food storage while driving around the island to paint. That's the day my clutch went out on the van, I haven't gotten it back yet.

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