Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Painting on Location,
1812 Whaler Cannons in Lahaina, Maui, #941, 6-26-5

Acrylic on Panel, 15x22, 3 Primary Colors Only

4-20-05, Wednesday

I started drawing at 9:00 this morning, finished at 12:30, took it home and went over all the lines with a dark pencel. the paper was brown Kraft paper. I had planned on using charcoal and white chalk but instead I made an outline drawing.

1) The top of the canvas panel is the bottom of the painting's view, always.

2) three lines are drawn first, the vertical center line, the horizontal center line and the horizon line. In a 60 degree, 20 inch wide painting the horizon line has a 1/4 inch dome.

30) Sight with one eye, draw with two. Keep your head, chair and easel in the same spot while you are working.

1816 Cannons in Lahaina Maui

Cannons in Lahaina Maui

Here are the extended Vanishing Point lines reaching 90 degrees on the horizon line. The same thing is done on the right side. Find the V.P. on the horizon line in the view and carry it straight down to it's plumb position.

Yellow string connecting to the L.V.P. and two annotated black lines. There is a total of 19 V.P. lines connecting to the two V.P.'s. This makes a very complicated architectural subject a lot easier.

Perspective, Cannons in Lahaina Maui

I got 3 hours of drawing time in on the second day, mostly on the cannon nozzles, I re-did them. Paint the bird before it flies away, then a little girl came by, both on the same cannon.

Cannons in Lahaina Maui

There were 28 artists here in Lahaina, from the Plein Air Painters of Hawaii.
That's me in the top line, white hair.

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 Phone only 808 1234567 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 Don Jusko 2

To transfer the drawing I spread charcoal on the back of the drawing and rubbed it into the paper. The photo on the left is after going over all the original lines and half way finished inking over the charcoal lines with a liner brush. The next step makes everything easier, a layer of jar white acrylic to fill the gesso surface to make strokes smoother plus making the drawn lines very light.

Here is my full palette as opposed to the three primary colors I have been using lately. Cad yellow light, Indian Yellow syn. PY153 (I made it myself from dry Zecchi Pigments in Florence) Today, 6-4-5, no manufacture is using this perfect Indian yellow pigment. Cad orange, Magenta PR122, Naples yellow, yellow ccher, Venitian red, Bt. sienna, bt. umber, dioxine purple, ult. blue, cobalt blue, Thalo blue PB15.3, Thalo green, green gold, yellow green.


These are the first colors I put on the painting, I remembered them from this morning, the contrast of the back of the cannon and the reflected glare of the sidewalk. Each picture is at the end of the day, four hours max. Day 1 and 2.

acrylicCannons in Lahaina Maui

Day 3 and 4, half cloudy days at best. But I got a lot done. I'll spend one more day in Lahaina to work on this painting. Then I must go back to Kula for the jacarands. They are Hot right now.

TIP: After all these years using jar acrylic titanium white, I finally added some extra dry white titanium to the paint. I wish I had done it 20 years ago.. I'll never use stock Jar Titanium White Acrylic without adding pigment again. It actually saves me paint by allowing smaller mixtures. It brings acrylics more in line with the opacity oil paint.

Days #7 and 8.

Painting Day 5

Left image, Day 9 and I'm off to Kula for the jacarandas! titanium extra is still amazing me with it's opacity and tinting ability.

Big changes today. I'm going for the morning view. I had been doing half the painting in the afternoon, the building half. Today I changed it's colors. Lucky for me nothing in the painting will change before I get back to it.

Right image. 5-30-5, Day 10-11-12. Three more days on location, four hours each. I have one more day in Lahaina before heading back up to Kula and beyond.

Cannons in Lahaina MauiCannons in Lahaina Maui, day 9

6-26-05, I put cement lines in, finished the leaves, chairs on the courthouse porch and I'm finished. Hoorey!
Giclee Lahaina Cannons by Don Jusko

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