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Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Kalish Kolinski Sable Chisel Brushes

This is a Series of brushes with the round ferrule and a chisel end. They are the second basic style of brushes. First the pointed end, than the flat end. The two ways brushes were made since the first brushes were made by the artist.

Today, 2012, here isn't a good flat chisel end brush to be bought anywhere. Utrecht makes a synthetic, but it's not in their latest catalog, that's it. The lettering Series with longer hair to pull a straight line are available from the lettering sites, but not the shorter, stocker brush that can change directions and still fill the mark. It can paint square in corners and takes less paint to change colors than longer floppier sizes. This is very sad, artists don't realize that they need these brushes, they are just taking what they are given, 2005.

This style of brush is used in every painting I do. These are my finishing brushes and they are 20 years old. I am getting desperate to replace them.

I found a chisel brush supplier, Lettering Brushes Series 8B, 1-800-322-5254.
KALISH FINEST BRUSHES makes the finest brushes in the world.
On 6-13-06 I got an email from a girl reading how I was searching the world to replace my Langnickle "Shorty" Series brushes. The only ones left were in my working collection. She sent me to Kalish Finest Brushes. Wow, I was impressed and ordered their Kalish Series 8A Lettering Brushes. I agreed, they are the finest in the world. I asked him to make a series that were shorter, stiffer and fuller, using my existing brushes as samples he had them made.

On 7-3-06 Harry Kalish called me saying he had and was sending me my brushes. This brush series is now called Series 8B SHORT CHISEL. I can't wait to test them.

11-22-6, Kalish Kolinski Sable Chisel Brushes. The Series 8B is complete, #1 to #8. They are perfect for watercolor! I tested them all today and am proud and very happy.

http://home.att.net/~brushes/RedSable.htm#T0 (The man has gone, I'm glad I got the Series 8B while he could get them. Every brush I got from him is a treasure.)

5-12-14, Nancy Dowd Friedman, kalishbrushes@gmail.com
Kalish Finest Brushes: Kolinsky Short Chisel
Dear Don,
Thank you for your call!
I know just the brush you're referring to -- you're famous around here. :) It's the Kolinsky 8B (short chisel). Harry is very proud to have worked with you on this brush. It's available on our website here: http://www.kalishfinestbrushes.biz/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=KFB&Category_Code=00C
However, I'd be happy to help you directly. I would have tried calling you directly, but for the time difference!
Please let me know how I can help you. :) ~Nancy Friedman

5-12-14, Don: Answer to Nancy.
Thanks for the link to the short chisel Nancy, I'll add it to his pages. It's true, we needed a water color chisel brush. We also need a stiffer acrylic/oil chisel brush. Since Langnickle died the company stopped making my favorite round ferrule flat end hair brush. They used to make them in many different series, now no one makes them in any series.

Misspelled 'Ferrule' in the photo.
These are my old brushes that Kalish Finest Brushes modeled the Short Chisel Series 8B from.

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