RCW color chart for mixing neutral dark colors
using opposition colors.

This is how color shades and shadows happen in nature
as opposed to adding black pigment.

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Cadmium Yellow shades and changes to Burnt Umber or Raw Umber in nature, on the way to Burnt Umber you can match all brown yellows, Naples Yellow, Yellow Oxide, Mars Yellow, etc.,.  Burnt Umber darkens with Ultramarine Blue to make a neutral dark (like the undersides of clouds) Ultramarine Blue darkens with Burnt Umber, of course.

Orange shades to Burnt Sienna first, than Burnt Sienna darkens to neutral with Cobalt Blue Deep. Cobalt Blue Deep shades with Burnt Sienna.

Cad Red shades with (Cyan) Thalo Blue and Thalo Blue shades with Cad Red.

Crimson  Scarlet shades with Turquoise, Turquoise with Crimson Scarlet.

Quinacridone Magenta shades, shadows,  darkens with Thalo Green and vice versa.

Dioxine Purple neutralizes to a shadow color with the transparent Permanent Sap Green and vice versa.

The colors in this top chart along the 'mixing white line' are used to mix dark neutrals by using the 'black mixing line' colors of the bottom chart.
Move your mouse along the white line and click on the linking colors you see in the window status bar.

The top chart being actual colors. The bottom chart shows the top charts opposite mixing color used for making shadows.
Clicking on one of seven color links opens a new window describing the color, its opposition and mixing properties.
Start with A01 Ultramarine Blue, A04 Cobalt Blue, A07 Thalo Cyan Blue, A10 Turquoise,
A13 Green, A16 Yellow Green, A19 Burnt Umber, etc.

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