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D.S, Liquitex, W/N, O.H. (2009)
RCW#13.6.5 mass-tone - RCW#13.05.5 is this 50% under-tone tint

Quinacridone Magenta
Top-tone Tint

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36RCW#13, PR:122 is magenta transparent
36RCW#12, PV:19 is a warm magenta translucent
Danial Smith Quinacridone Magenta, Transparent
Mussini Phthalo Green PG7, Transparent
Opposite color
Mussini Phthalo Green RCW#31.9, PG36
Yellow/side, transparent.

More about green pigment, oilpalette24thalogreen.htm

Magenta is now called Quinacridone Magenta.
Liquitex made the same color in acrylics called Acra Violet in 1990. Then they changed the name to Acra magenta, a good first move. Magenta is primary in a 3 color palette, use this color to make shadows in Green and put the fire in Red.

Cobalt Violet Phosphate,
Transparent duel-toned is the coolest magenta but it's not available anymore.
RCW#13.0 Holbein, W/N & ShinHan Opera
(PR122-BV10) in direct sun light tests for 8 months show a small warming change in the tints, not enough to consider it fugitive.

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