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Magenta Transparent
50% Tint, Mass-tone

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36RCW#13.6 - PR:122

This background is a 50% under-tone of the mass-tone

MMMM, Quinacridone Magenta, Transparent, Permanent, 36RCW#13.6

Daniel Smith's brand Magenta was unique among all oil brands,
they were the only company using the Quinacridone color PR:122. (2004)

By 2008, all brands recognized that Quinacridone Magenta represented the true magenta. It makes a dark-neutral when mixed with its opposite color, Thalo Green.

This mixed dark is my midday shadow color of the foreground darks.

Another mixed dark is my morning cloudless day shadow color of the foreground darks, brown and blue. More blue shows up in the mornings shadows, this is the time and place to photograph you're paintings. The painting on the ground and shoot from above.

This one of the three most important pigments on the palette, Magenta is a primary color.

Here is another form of magenta pigment 36RCW#13.0. Opera pigment and sun tests.

Opera (PR:122 with BV:10) it's a translucent pigment with a tinted mass-tone of Magenta.

RCW#13.05.5. Mixes a brilliant red with transparent yellow and blue with transparent cyan.

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