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Oil Palette Colors

Mussini Phthalo Green B/s

36RCW#31.6.9 mass-tone, Transparent, PG7

Thalo Green

Grumbacher Thalo Green Yellow/Side
36RCW#31.6.1 mass-tone, Transparent, PG36

Grumbacher Thalo Green Yellow/Side, Transparent, MMMM, Danial Smith Quinacridone Magenta, Transparent
Quinacridone Magenta
36RCW#13, Transparent PR122

Mussini Phthalo Green, B/s #31.6.9 Transparent mass-tone.
Mussini Phthalo Green, Y/s #31.6.1 Transparent mass-tone.
Blue/side is coolest, value 9. Yellow/side is the warmest, value 1.

Phathalocyanine is a permanent, lime safe synthetic.

Thalo Green has duel-tone qualities, in it's lighter top-tone tints it is a warmer color than its under-tone color.
It's not a true dual-tone color because it doesn't change colors as it gets lighter.

It is a very important secondary pigment being opposite to Magenta and making a dark neutral shadow
color that happens at mid-day any day the sun is shining.

I consider this color important to every palette.

Opposite colors

Opposite colors mix to make a neutral dark. This combination of primary and secondary oppositions naturally makes a perfect Black or Gray of any shade. Magenta and Green is the perfect afternoon opposition, it can make either a warm or cool shadow for Green or Magenta.

Thalo Green now comes in Thalo/Phthalo/Pathalocyanine Green Blue/side (old news today, 8-2-9), and Pathalocyanine Green Yellow/side. The yellow side is more useful to me painting on location.
Quinacridone Magenta is essential for a limited palette, any palette for that matter.

Thalo Green transparent and it's opposite color,
a painting in a new window, rcwA13green.htm

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