Drawing and Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko
Villa Tamarinda, Kaupo, Maui, Hawaii
22x30, acrylic on panel
June 26, 2002

Day 3

Because this is being painted in the morning light, the color oppositions are yellow and blue. See the Real Color Wheel in pigments.
These next 3 pictures are layers of blue paint in different intensities. It shall define the edges of my objects in regards to light and dark with this one color. Adding a brown or bt. sienna wash to the pure blue will make cool shadows. Another color's wash will add the local color.

It took 13 hours to make the lines and I'm going to have to make them all disappear, one by one. That's not so hard in watercolors, or even working oil paint. It's not even done in pastels. In acrylics it takes time.

Day 3


Painting notes about color while preparing to paint this picture.

On a cloudy day the crimson in the columns, the white chair and the green in the flower pot are the brightest colors. The inside area is in blue shadows. The yellow facade is yellow orange and cobalt.

The sun lights the chair and one center pink pole's edge just before noon.

Vertical sun is at 10:50 on June 19th.

The light on the green back wall mixes with cyan with yellow. The dark red table cloth is cadmium red light and cyan tints. The sun in the afternoon creates such deep shadows under the roof, the front right poll is no longer a bright color.

The shadows contrast on the grass is striking, there are less in the morning.

The afternoons sun is much warmer, the opposition is cobalt blue and cad orange or cad red and cyan. The morning opposition colors are burnt umber and ultramarine blue.

Burnt Umber is dark yellow on the Real Color Wheel, that matches to yellow element crystals. Thay both match the RCW.

The early evening warms the inside the most with light coming in from the left side. The highlights from the suns reflections off objects are now the lightest colors instead of any local objects color.

I couldn't do with out my 1.5x28x2.3 clear plastic straight edge used for drawing straight brush lines.

It's been several painting without a through cleansing on some brushes, I cleaned them with isopropyl alcohol today.


Notice the white gesso dried next to the ferrule in the heel and the paint on the handle of the brush.
Isopropyl alcohol cleaned them well.

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