Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

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Fresco Mural NY Little Salmon River Morning

82 X 155 BUON FRESCO #54

Giornate #9

7-17-4, 8:00 PM, Giornate #9, finished applying the first intonaco slip coat, with a 2" bristle paint brush, from the hardware store.
Here's my bucket of intonaco, limewater, intonaco slip brush, limewater spray bottle and small trowel. I also use an 8" pool builders trowel that has very rounded ends.

Giornate 9 Slip coat

9:00, one hour later the second giornate layer was finished.

Giornate 9 Second Layer

12:00 AM, finished outline, start final troweling. 12:15, I've been working steadily and it's almost finished. It has the best and smoothest cut edges yet, I won't even be able to tell where one starts and the other ends.
In ten minutes I'll go over it for the last time and make a plastic cover for the night.

Giornate 9 plastic cover

1:10 AM, I put it to bed, tomorrow will be a grand day. It took 6 full hours to lay the 5.5 foot by 1 foot giornate.

7-18-4, 10 AM, ten minutes to transfer the patterns, remove the plastic, spray it down with lime water, trowel it all down. Spray every 5 minutes until I'm ready to paint, I still have to make my palettes.

Giornate 9 halfway

4:45 PM, Giornate #9, finished. I like it while it's wet.
I used some burnt umber to warm up some of my darks, it is the darker side of yellow so it's still a primary triad color palette. Burnt umber passed my lime jar test.

6:00 PM, now I'm really finished. I remembered how I could add lime paste and break through the crust and paint a new color. Well a new tint anyway. I'll be able to play with this as long as I keep it wet.

Giornate 9 Finished

TROUBLE. It seems I caused a problem, lighter spots, perhaps I worked all the lime off the sand. I don't know. This is what it looked like the next afternoon, I don't think it's going to work.

Giornate 9 trouble

So I removed it by scrubbing the surface down below the color and crust coat. Applying a very thin layer of wet lime first. Then a smooth layer. Total of the two layers, 1/16th inch. After waiting until it set I repainted it. I have a double fan blowing on it now and for the next 15 hours.

slip coat 2nd coat

Here is the first and second wash of paint.

First paint coat Giornate 9 buon

This is what it looked like the next day and what it looked like after I washed it down.

Washed next day dry

The added area is doing fine but I'm not happy with it.
7-29-4, I remove the whole troubled area, laid a new intonaco and painted it today.

removed intonaco

Finished, still Wet

Foreground island, the night it was painted, dried and after adding lime and titanium white to the set mortar.

Giornate 9 island wet Giornate 9 island no lime white
Giornate 9 island with lime and titanium white

Giornate #10
I did something different with the cut edge. I cut it with a small baby spoon into the shapes it wanted, to hide it in the waters surface.
I'm not sure how the two darks will match up when they are dry. One is wet, the other dry.
Well I see there is not much difference between them, both of them are wrong.
There are 2 ways to fix this.. One would be to lighten the right dark side by either scraping away the dark color and pressure applying a thin layer of lime or lime and marble dust. Or, scrub down through the hard surface with a bristle brush and add lime plus the new color.
Jumping across the cut line with both sides cleaned of color and adding a new colored surface would work also but both sides would have to be equal in water saturation.
The easiest way would be to paint it secco with a glue of sorts, like a cement/tile acrylic sealer, or casein, or egg yolk. Since I might use bees wax as the final protecting finish I might use some of the secco technique.

Giornate 10 wetGiornate 10 dry

Giornate #11
The distant reflection. This is a very small giornate, I have to see what went wrong in Giornate #9 and I found it. Something leached out of the soaked wood touching the fresco. A piece of tape on the wood fixed that. 11:30 AM, Starting with this 4x.5 inch area, finished it in an hour, laid and painted the rest of the reflection and cut the beveled cut.

Giornate 10 small area Giornate 10

Giornate 10 Giornate 10 cut

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