Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Fresco Painting Pigments #8

Fresco and Secco

37 fresco pigments

Mortar finished 4:30, Painting 5:30, Excellent absorption 7:00 on magenta, 7:40 it's starting to crack from the edges. The intonaco is too thick. It cracked on all my scribed lines. 8:00 still absorbing great and I'm finished. I should have started at 6:00. It will probably absorb until 10:00.

37 fresco pigments proved lime proof in wet lime.

Two weeks later it looked exactly the same, including ultramarine blue, blue deep and cobalt blue deep. Ultramarine and cobalt deep can't be mixed in with lime mortar, but they can be painted on wet lime. Sometimes they change if they sink in too deep. See the Jar wet lime color tests.
Secco pigments are noted. Pigments that are ground in other than water are noted.

Vine Black, Titanium White, Venetian White Earth, Zecchi Indian Yellow, Cad Yellow, Naples Yellow, Light Gold Ocher, Yellow Ocher, Italian Warm Ocher, Raw Sienna, Cad Orange, Burnt sienna.

Cinabrese, Red Ocher Sinopia Ammonia, Pozzuoli Red, Ercolano Red Ammonia, Vermilion Genuine Ammonia, Cad Red Medium, Quinacridone Red Alcohol, Alizarin Crimson Ammonia, Quinacridone Magenta Ammonia, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Caput Mortum.

Thalo Blue Alcohol, Cobalt Turquoise, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue Light, Ultramarine Blue Light fresco left - right, Ultramarine Blue fresco left - secco right, Ultramarine Blue Deep fresco left - secco right, Cobalt Blue Deep fresco left - secco right, Thalo Green, D.S. Viridian, Zecchi Viridian, Chromium Green Oxide, Green Earth, Verdaccio.

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