Watercolor on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Maui Watercolor Association

Don Jusko's Lecture, Work Shop, Paint Out

11-14 to 16-03, Kamaoli looking toward Kaho'olawe Island, Hawaii, #610

This 3' wide demonstration model of the 12 Star RCW has removable color sections. Each color was made dark by mixing in the opposite color.
12 Star RCW

Meet at Grandma's Coffie House
9:00 Friday morning, Grandma's Coffee House. I introduced my Real Color Wheel to 12 artists. Talked about drawing 60 degree images, linear triangulation, concentric outlines on the tops of simular distanced forms to show aerial perspective distance, mixing dark colors with opposition colors, and making split-complement colors. No one used black pigment.

Jim Redden, Susan Gordon, Cyrina Bettencourt, Karen Camera, Maha Conyers, Ada Horn, Barbara Steinberg-Orlowski, Laurna Malkovich, Astrid, Robin Ricards and Johnathan Orlowski's knees. Sorry John..

This is my painting, Don Jusko, on day two, the first day was a lecture and drawing on location only. Some of us started laying in color.
Don, day 2

Don, day 3
Day 3.

James Redden
James Redden.
James Redden

This is James's second painting. It shows everything we talked about. Making ultramarine blue with purple or magenta and cyan. Drawing distances on concentric lines around you by following the top edges of forms. You can see James did this very well in the drawing. All of his patterns are outlined. His distant colors are made of the split complenent colors purple and green, his foreground darks for green are made from the complements magenta and green.

When painting in the patterns in, it is best to paint areas in all the way up to the line, jump a pattern and leave it white and start another non attached pattern while the first pattern is drying.

James Redden

Day one and two by
Laurna Knapp Malkovich 22x30.

Karen Camara
Laurna Malkovich
Laurna, Day 3
Laurna Malkovich

Karen Camera


Cyrina Bettencourt

Maha Conyers

Ada Lau Horn

Barbara Steinberg-Orlowski                      

Johnathan Orlowski                                 
Johnathan Orlowski

More Tips
The sharp white line with the dark shadow was made by cutting into the paper at a slant and bending it back at the cut. Yes, the line can be colored in.
Don Jusko

The jumping scratch was made by scratching the paper
with the point of the razor.
Don Jusko razor scratch

Here I completely replaced a color by sand papering
it out with 150 grid wet or dry sandpaper. Use it dry :)
Don Jusko

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