Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Kihei W/C Workshop #1

Painting with the Primary Colors

This was the January 22nd and 23rd, 2004 watercolor workshop with Don Jusko.
First we all made 2 color wheels with only three colors.
One with a warm magenta PV19 and one with a cool magenta PR122,
both with cyan PB15 and Indian Yellow Nickel Complex PY108.
The warm magenta makes reds and oranges, the cool makes better blues.
Today, 8-27-10 there is an Opera color magenta PR122+BV10 that makes all color brillantly but is a little fugitive.
Here is a page with images of all the transparent yellow colors. By starting with dry pigments you can make any media.

Don Jusko
Barbara Steinberg
Aiko Fisher
Cid Newberg

G. Lee Akina
Jim Redden
Johnathan Orlowski
Munira Tyler
Susan Gordon

Mary Ann Cocola

Here is our first day still life painting.
1. Don Jusko, 2. G. Lee Newberg, 3. Cid Newberg
4. Jim Redden, 5. Aiko fisher, 6. Mary Ann Cocola,
7. Munira Tayler, 8. Jonathan Orlowski, 9. Barbara Sieinberg
Three colors only.

On the second day we painted these still lifes on Twin Rocker W/C paper.
1. Don Jusko, 2. G. Lee Newberg, 3. Jim Redden,
4. Susan Gordon, 5. Mary Ann Cocola, 6. Aiko fisher,
 7. Jonathan Orlowski, 8. Barbara Sieinberg

Any color can be made with just these three colors as our artists have shown.
I want to thank you all. Don Jusko

Don Jusko

These links are to other 3 primary color paintings, the pigments are:

Dry Pigments;
Indian yellow PY153 from Zecchi,
Magenta PR122 from Sennelier,
Cyan PB15.3 from Senopia.

Food Coloring
The Easter Egg Coloring 6-pack.

Oil Paints,
Old Holland Indian Yellow Orange-side,
Daniel Smith Quinacridone Magenta PR122,
Grumbacher Thalo Blue, cyan PB15.3

Water Colors,
Daniel Smith New Gamboge PY153 Nickel Dioxine is the best Indian Yellow O/s pigment.
Daniel Smith Quinacridone Magenta PV202 is more to the cyan side.
Grumbacher Thalo Crimson PV19 is more to the warm side.
I don't know why they won't use the most stable and magenta matching pigment PR122.
(2008, everybody does now!)
Grumbacher Thalo Blue PB15.3

Children painting with Food Coloring Colors First Grade learning the primary colors.
3 color examples Mixing the three transparent primary colors.
Lime Water Media 75 sq. foot Buon Fresco in 3 colors.
Lime Water Medium Buon Fresco #1 in 3 colors.
Lime Water Medium Buon Fresco #2 in 3 colors.
Maroger Medium Hana Paintings with Maroger's Medium in 3 primary colors.
Maroger Medium The Kaupo Hearts, Black Oil painting in 3 primary colors.
Egg Tempera Medium Still Life in 3 primary colors.
Water Color Painting with 3 primary colors.
Copal Medium with the RCW 3 Color Wheel

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Use a new, different, color wheel and palette that matches the light and shadows with pigments.

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