Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Saint Peter's Church

Puuiki, Maui, Hawaii, #900

11x15 Acrylic on Panel

Day 1,
The colors are very pale, warm or cool using the opposition colors Cad. Orange and Cobalt Blue. It's just enough for me to work out the contrasts and get rid of the drawing lines. Four and a half hours so far. Tomorrow I'll catch the 9 to 12 A.M. colors.

Day 1

Day 2,
Gordon, from the Painting on Location list, got me thinking. He added modeling paste because the paint wasn't thick enough. I've always meant to add some extra titanium to the jar white because it wasn't opaque enough in the consistancy I like to paint with. So today I did. I added 25 ml of titanium to an 8 oz. jar of Titanium White. What I want is better covering power.
Wow, today was the first day I used this new white paint. Even though I troweled the dry pigment in water before adding it to the jar white it painted thicker, adding Liquitex Gloss Blending and Painting Medium smoothed it into a flowing consistency just fine.
Here is day 2. The first day of painting. 9 to 10:30. I stayed until 12 cleaning edges up with white but not adding any new color.
Day 2
Day 3, Oh this is magic paint. Look how smooth this repainted sky is. Colors still dry darker but I've learned to live with that. After learning to live with water colors colors drying lighter... this is just different. The smoothness and opacity of this white is better then any white I have ever worked with in acrylics. It's the closest acrylics ever got to oils spreadability. Thanks for the push Gordon!
I got here an hour earlier today and the foreground rocks were still in the shadow of some trees behind me. I think I like it. I stopped at 10:00 and spent an hour cleaning my edges with white,one coat, instead of two coats!
Day 3

Day 4, Just a little earlier the forground cross is in shadow alsom tomorrow I'll change it. The new white is working better then I had hoped. Now I only need one coat to white out any color! That's a big time saving step forward.

Day 4
Day 5,

Day 5
Day 6, I duno, maybe I like the foreground cross in the sun. It's just the idea of a black cross... I'm afraid the excitement of seeing the strong contrast made me jump at it.
Day 6


NEXT PAINTING, Kaupo Aloha Church, Acrylic, 11x15

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