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Primary Yellow - All Media
by default (1996) it is an opaque color pigment.
Today, 2009, we have eight transparent dual-toned yellow pigments.

Yellow is at the top of the Real Color Wheel, 'read red right'.
Yellow is one of the three pigment primary colors.
The color Brown is a Dark Yellow hue.
Mix either the translucent Burnt Umber,
or a the transparent brown/side yellow pigment with
Ultramarine Blue (opposite) to make a dark neutral.

A neutral dark can be tinted to make a Neutral Gray by
adding the top-tone white or the under-tone's clear medium.

Bellini Lemon Yellow Lead Chromate, Opaque
Bellini Lemon Yellow Lead Chromate, Opaque
Mussini Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Opaque
Mussini Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Opaque
Old Holland Indian Yellow Golden duel-toned
Old Holland, Indian Yellow Golden dual-toned
Old Holland Indian Yellow -Brown/side duel-toned
Old Holland Indian Yellow Brown/side dual-toned

One company still makes oil dual-toned transparent yellow, Org/s and Br/s.
Old Holland, Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Extra, Transparent, dual-tone.
Old Holland, Indian Yellow-Brown Lake Extra, Transparent, dual-tone.
*Since I made this page in 1997,
other manufactures have started making their versions of Indian Yellow.
No other company is making an oil Nickel Transparent Indian Yellow Brown/side yet.
You should have the pair, 10/12/02.
In acrylics Golden has a Nickel Azo Yellow PY150
Old Holland came out with a Nickel Azo Brown/lemon PR150.
I'm starting to see confusion about PY150 B/s and PY153 org/s in 2014.
PR150 Brown/side is the more useful color on location,
Old Holland still makes the best synthetic Brown/s Indian Yellow, 2014.

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