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Old Holland
Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Extra

36RCW#1.0.9 (tint), Mass-tone= #1.4.9, PY153 or PY108

I like PY:153, Transparent dual-toned for warm colors. For everyday painting on location I like PY150. That's the Brown/side Indian yellow.
It won't make a bright red but it will make a better blue & green than Orange/side and I need those colors.

New 2006, Golden acrylic Indian yellow hue.
New 2009, Old Holland, has 8 Indian yellow colors.
New 2009, 8 paint distributers now sell PR153 Indian Yellow,
D.S. & W.N. call it New Gamboge ? Right color, wrong name.
Gamboge is a translucent tint,
they are messing with the whole paint industry just to get a proprietary name.

Transparent, dual-toned PY153

Indian Yellow Golden
27.  Mussini Ultramarine Light, Translucent

Opposite color, Mussini Ultramarine Dark, Translucent

Indian Yellow Golden and Indian Yellow Brown are very important colors for glazing, every major artist used them in 1900. Adding it to Thalo Green makes a very common color on location. It also makes wonderful darks by adding it's opposite color. They (Golden/side or Brown/side) are indispensable in every palette.

The Real Color Wheel history of modern Indian yellow.
2009, these links explain the color and its use.
Made before 2000, 3indianyelgold.htm.
Gamboge Original NY24, 5gamboge.htm
How to use Indian yellow, 7indianyelbrw.htm
Images 2009, indianyellowtobrownPY153.htm
Sun tests, w/c indianyellowtobrownTartrazine.htm

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