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Another page about water color transparent yellow is Indian yellow orange-brown Tartrazine
Indian Yellow Dry Pigment Mulled, Compare Pigments

Indian Yellow

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7-1-9, Old Holland (OH) is doing a great job making all the colors, opaque and transparent, that fit into the yellow to red, yellow to brown and yellow-green to green categories. Opaque oxides cover the range from yellow to dark burnt umber and raw umber. The world has never had a better permanent color spectrum, and the RCW is the correct way to display them. Every color and it's opposite can be used together to mix a neutral dark. Transparent colors or high silicon oxides are best for mixing neutral dark oppositions, while light opaque oxides tend to add lightness to oppositions.

2011, Old Holland (OH) just came out with a great set on Indian yellow acrylics. The paints are called "New Masters" We have never had a set of acrylic Indian Yellow before, the best we had were Nickel pigments for oils. The first color is a mono-toned Lemon Yellow. Indian Yellow Extra is a little darker, a mono-toned transparent pigment. Indian Yellow is an orange to yellow dual-toned pigment. Next a deeper Indian Yellow Org/side called Indian Yellow Brown Extra. Nickel Azo Brown-Lemon is a transparent Indian yellow Brw/side that in it's mass-tone is a dark yellow ocher hue. This is equal to PY150. Than there is Old Holland transparent Green-Gold.

This is the dry PY:150 Br/s primary transparent yellow pigment mulled with water. It is a dual-toned pigment powder that needs to be ground before becoming a pigment. Only then will it show its yellow side. Where the once ocher colored powder turned brown when it was wet and yellow brown when it was crushed wet, it tints to a Cadmium Yellow Deep, Medium or even a Cadmium Yellow Light hue when mulled.

Here is PY153 Indian yellow mulled in linseed oil, turpentine and ethylene glycol for water based ink.


11-6-12, I made an Acrylic Tartrazine Transparent Yellow.
Here are the photos of the tubed pigment and transparency tests on white and black paper. It worked well on absorbant paper but not on the non-absorbant acrylic gesso ground. It made a nice looking colored acrylic paint but it bled through the acrylic medium. I discovered the problem while washing the first day's work.

Tartrazine lost the acrylic battle in the paint wars, it bled through on a non-absorbant substrate.


This is how to make a true transparency test. First paint the color on white paper to see the color, then paint it on black paper. If it's truly transparent it should turn the black paper blacker.

Acrylic INDIAN YELLOW PY100 White Paper

Acrylic INDIAN YELLOW PY100 Black Paper

THESE ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT TRANSPARENT YELLOW PIGMENTS since Indian Yellow Original Golden Side and Brown Side were discontinued in 1900. It was the best permanent transparent primary yellow replacing the Br/s turmeric and golden saffron, not that cadmium opaque yellow or benzimidazolone translucent yellow should be neglected.
Buy your supply while this nickel complex paint is still available, 1-6-5.
Nickel complex, PG10F is a cool primary transparent yellow compound that almost looks the same as PY:150 in dry pigment. Too late, it may have been discontinued. 5-1-9
6-6-6 Golden Acrylics has some new colors in this range. Indian Yellow Golden Hue, Arylide Yellow PY:7, Nickel Complex Azo PY:150 and Quinacridone PR:206 transparent. I understand you may call this new pigment to be released in the fall of 2006, Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold. Also, for the brown side of Indian yellow they have Nickel Azo Yellow, PY:150.

5-10-13 Winsor Newton just posted this today. It's the same pigment Golden used in 2006, Quinacridone, Azo Nickel Complex Colour index name: PY150. The color is the same as the original Indian Yellow orange side which is called PY153.
"Winsor & Newton stopped its production of Genuine Gamboge in 2005 due to its toxicity and replaced it with the best lightfast and permanent alternative possible at that time. Due to the pigments then available, this replacement was a different shade and was renamed New Gamboge."

"This year, due to the discontinuation of the current pigments, New Gamboge, in both Professional Water Colour and Cotman, has been reformulated again and, with advances in pigment technology, the colour is much closer to its original namesake, delivering greater authenticity." (I see it as Indian yellow orange side color, gamboge original was more to the brown side and not as transparent.)
"Available in Artists' Watercolour and Cotmans, New Gamboge is a unique warm yellow, adding gentle nuances to the artist's palette." (We are still missing a good brown side Indian yellow)
"W&N Colour information:
Pigment change: Reformulated due to pigment discontinuation, now closer to genuine Gamboge.Colour name: New Gamboge, Colour number/code: 267Series number: 1, Chemical description: Quinacridone, Azo Nickel Complex Colour index name: PR 209, PY 150, Colour index number: 48545, Permanence rating: AASTM lightfastness rating: II, Transparency/Opacity: ST"

So the new watercolor W&N pigment they call "New Gamboge" is a good synthetic, transparent, orange to yellow, duel-toned color. It also matches Tartrazine's PY100 color that I use in my plotter.

I use a transparent yellow orange/side clear tint of PY:100 (PY100) Tartrazine pigment as an ink my wide format Roland giclee plotter and also as the basis my RCW primary transparent clear water color paints. 1/6/10 Ordering Page. Viagra kaufen


It's called Tartrazine Acid Yellow 23 by It's also a food coloring pigment used by the Indian Ajanta Group, PY100. Anthraquinone acid dyes today constitute the second largest group of commercial colorants. PY100 is an excellent Indian Yellow for water colors on paper, I haven't tested it in lime yet. (I tested it in lime for my 3 color mural in NY, it worked fine. It should be written PY:100, or RCW#1.0.5.
Today 8-26-10, I finally made it to the first slot of six image links shown, one of 20,000,000 Google results.
Today 1-30-14, Google made over 200 changes to there algorithm recently. Now, instead of being number 1 image the Real Color Wheel is number 13 of 66,000,000 results. It looks like they have taken the average instead of the most popular. 99.99% of the color wheels are Red, Yellow and Blue opaque primary colors, the transparent Yellow, Magenta and Cyan color wheel is the only one that works.

The photo is of a 7 month sun test on the dashboard of my van.
This sun test proves the permanency of Tartrazine, my perfect printing and water color painting transparent yellow. Using Titanium white and Tartrazine Clear I can make colors from Cadmium yellow dark to Cadmium Yellow Pale.

Tartrazine only dissolves well in water based paints. Here is a page all to the primary color Tartrazine yellow. I'm sorry to say it bleeds through acrylic medium.

first transparent yellow to brown pigment

(*) is for best choice, (" ") is a name description.

Isondolineone Azomethine Type, Irgazin 2GLT, not dual-toned, bright yellow under-tone.
*Isondolineone, "Irgazin Golden" PY10, BEST FOR ADDING TO PY153 TO MAKE INDIAN YELLOW Br/s
Isoindoline, "Indo Golden" is Yellow-orange mono-tone, PY139.
Isoindoline, Light Yellow-orange to Orange, PO86,
Isoindoline, Orange R/s PO69.
Isoindoline, Red opaque PR260.
Isondoline + Cobalt, "Cobalt Indo Golden", orange to yellow in the lightest under-tone tints only.
Iron Oxide Calcined is a redish-orange mass-tone to yellowish-orange under-tone, translucent not a true dual-tone, PY42.
Iron Oxide Calcined is also a deep red to light red, translucent PR101. Or a brown mass-tone to yellow-orange under-tone, PBr7 covers a lot of colors.
Azo Disazo Condinsarion, "Chromopthal 3G", yellow-orange mass-tone to yellow-yellow-orange under-tone. Mass-tone 50% Yellower than Nickel Dioxine, Transparent, O/s, PY93.
Azo Diarylide Disazo, Diarylide Yellow HR, "Indian Yellow Permanent" Indian Yellow O/s, PY83. A GOOD INDIAN YELLOW O/s.
Azo Disazo, Diaryl Yellow, yellow-orange mass-tone with a red undertone, PY176.
*Azo Metal Complex, "Nickel Dioxine", a yellow-orange with a yellow under-tone, THE PERFECT PY153 A WARM INDIAN YELLOW O/s. ADD PY42 FOR A Br/s or add IRGAZIN PY10 FOR MORE O/s
Azo Metal Complex, Nickel Azo Xtra, is a green-yellow to yellow PG10. (too clean a green for it to be a useful shortcut color)
*Azo Metal Complex, "Nickel Azo", mass-tone from a light green-orange-brown mass-tone to an under-tone of yellow PG10. A VERY HANDY TRANSPARENT INDIAN YELLOW GREEN SIDE
Azo Methine, Dark, RCW#36.5 to orange+green under-tone, PG10. I don't want an unclean under-tone in exchange for a darker mass-tone.
Azo Methine, Nickel Azo Dark is a green-orange, the under-tone is yellow-orange, PG10.
Azo Methine, Nickel Orange is a translucent orange, the under-tone has slight yellow under-tone, PO59.
Azo Methine, Nickel Orange Deep is an orange-brown to orange under-tone, PO65.
Azo Methine, can go from a deeper mass-tone yellow-green PG10 to orange-green PG10.
Azo Methine, Nickel Orange Medium on the green-orange side is, PY117
Azo Methine, Nickle Violet is a deep brown-red, the green has gone, magenta undertones, PR257.
Anthranthrone from opaque red light hue PR168 to PR177 a darker transparent red.
*Anthranthrone Hexterocyclic, Flaventhrone transparent PY24. PY24 is in the Indian yellow O/s catagory. ANOTHER PERFECT INDIAN YELLOW O/s.
Anthranthrone Hexterocyclic, Flaventhrone Deep transparent PY24. Loses it's dual-tone to yellow.
Tartrazine, transparent orange to yellow PY100. ANOTHER PERFECT INDIAN YELLOW O/s PY100, PY:100, on paper only, I found it bleeds through acrylic medium.

Pthalocyanine Polyclic, Pthalo Dioxazine, PB15 + PV23, a cool purple.
Polyclic, Dioxazine Violet (purple) PV23, a warm purple.


Indian Yellow Gold
Indian Yellow Brown
Indian Yellow Golden and Brown and Opposite Colors
7 year-old children painting with transparent Food Coloring Colors First Grade learning the transparent primary colors.
9 year-olds children learning color Third grade learning the transparent primary colors.
3 color examples Mixing the three transparent primary colors.
Lime Water Media 75 sq. foot Buon Fresco in 3 colors.
Lime Water Medium Buon Fresco #1 in 3 colors.
Lime Water Medium Buon Fresco #2 in 3 colors.
Maroger Medium Hana Paintings with Maroger's Medium in 3 primary colors.
Maroger Medium The Kaupo Hearts, Black Oil painting in 3 primary colors.
Egg Tempera Medium Still Life in 3 primary colors.
Water Color Painting with 3 primary colors.
Copal Medium with the RCW 3 Color Wheel
Primary Chemical Colors
Mass tube colors
Real Color Wheel by Don Jusko


RCW36#1 is Yellow, #1.0 is the main color, #1.0.1 is the coolest value on that ring, #1.0.9 ia the warmest.
Double digit numbers refer to main color tints. This is a 36 color Real Color Wheel

#1.01.1, Nickel Titanate Yellow, opaque, PY53, 77788
#1.01.1, Hansa Yellow Light, Arylide Yellow 10g, PY3, 11710
#1.01.2, Lemon Yellow Chromate, opaque
#1.01.5, under-tone, duel-tone, Nickel Azo Yellow, Br/side Indian Yellow, PY150, makes the cleanest yellow.
#1.01.8, under-tone, duel-tone. Anthrapyrimidine Yellow Org/side Indian Yellow, PY108, 68420.
#1.0.1, Cadmium Yellow Light, opaque, PR35, 77205
#1.0.3, Bismuth Yellow, PY184, opaque
#1.0.5, Aureolin, Cobalt, PY40, 77357, transucent, non staining yellow.
#1.6.5, mass-tone, dual-tone, Nickel Azo Yellow, Br/side Indian Yellow, PY150
#1.6.8, mass-tone, dual-tone, Anthrapyrimidine Yellow, Indian Yellow, Org/side, PY108, 68420.
#1.10.1, Raw Umber, PBr7, translucent.
#1.10.9, Burnt Umber, PBr7, 77492, translucent.


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