Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Piero's Steps in Kaupo, Maui
22x15 acrylic on panel, Giclee Gallery - Order Page

This location is right next to Piero's kitchen

This is how one makes a depth of field.


In the foreground and middle ground
it's always darkest next to the light and lightest next to the dark.
Basically, it's darker on the object behind.
On a foreground object sometimes the object behind is sunlit and the object
in the front foreground is in a cast shadow.
Sometimes as it happens, both objects are the same color and value and you get a resting spot.
Be aware of the contrasts and as is often proclaimed,
make the blur resting spot happen when you see a chance to use it.
Sometimes it happens when the sky is next to any distant object also.

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