Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Mary Queen of Angels
Keokea, Maui

15x22 Acrylic on Panel, 5-11-03

All the vertical lines are slanting to the terrestrial Vanishing Point below me.
One line is almost vertical, the closest one to the center.

I found the location of the two V.P.'s by placing a square book (or protractor) under one eye and
sighting down the edges to find 90 degrees on the H.L.  One V.P. is usually closer to the edge of the painting,
I line up on that one and mark the location of the second one.
The horizon line joins the two V.P.'s and each horizontal line on the building meets on a V.P..

Day 1, This is a pretty church, painted white with light blue trim. That will be a jacaranda tree on the left, next to the church.
Day 2,

day 2
Day 3, I can just see it in this image, the subtle change of white in the building.
day 3

Day 5, I never try to get  a fast 100% coverage because I only saw the view in full sun once... on the first day. I know what I want and I'll get it at the first opportunity, In the mean time I'm working out the aerial perspective.

Day 3 also, I did another oil knife painting.  Geez, that's three I had going, Jacaranda Keokea in the morning, the Keokea Church, and this 5.5x7.5.

Painting knife
Day 6, This is the 2:00 shadow on the church. I might want to change it to a smaller and higher contrast 3:30 shadow.
Day 6
Day 7,  I got the branches in and worked on the foreground.
Day 7
Day 8, Shadows are are friends, they come and go so quickly. Here in the upcountry area it's never just sun or just clouds. And to time it so the shadows are where you want them when you want them is just out of you hands.

Today I did see see the church in full sun a little earlier and got to show a little more white. I want contrast. I whited out areas that I want to change tomorrow and darkened the area I want in shadow.

I haven't even started the windows and there are a lot of them, I waited to get the buildings shadows where I wanted them first. They are still not right on the tower and I may have made a mistake taking out the shadow area in the middle right hand side.

The three horned Jackson Chameleon to the right stopped by today, he is the real Master of Color. He's looking right at me. 13" long, the biggest I have ever seen.
Day 8
The color master

Hi Jackson!
Day 9, May 20, my birthday, I'm 62. It's nice to be able to compare work from one day to the next. The Liquitex Painting and Blending Medium is coming in very handy.
Day 9
Day 10, I know what I want but the sun won't cooperate. I want high sunlight and shadow contrast, sunlit in the middle and shadows surrounding. It's been cloudy a lot.
Day 10
Day 11,
Moving around the land shadows, glazing shadows with transparent cyan and/or turquoise depending on what I see with Liquitex Blending and Painting Medium. I may add some clouds. I added the leaves of the ti plants around the church, waited until I saw the actual colors, I don't like making colors up, I don't learn that way. That is what it's all about.. having fun and learning.
day 11
Day 13,

Day 13
Day 14, I think I like the second post in Day 11 better. I have to get this painting finished tomorrow, there is an Upcountry paint out to submit to on May 28th.
Day 114

Day 15, Finished.
Day 15, finished

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