Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Jacaranda Palette Knife Painting #5

7.5x11.5 Oil on Panel

Day 1, Painting with Tom Booth here in Keokea, he came over from Nahiku for the day. Tom is very fast and accurate.
Day 1
Day 2, I scraped down Day 1 to get the drawing only, the colors were too spread out over the day. Now I'll remove the post completely
day 2

Tom Booth, 5-22-03
Tom Booth
Day 1

Day 3, This looks a lot like my brush paintings 100% but twice as much work.
Day 3
Day 4, I saw the mountain for the first time today. I don't know what I'll do on it tomorrow, but it's on schedule.
Day 4

Day 5, Finished.
For such a small painting, this one sure took a long time. If there was ever a painting I didn't like, this is it. I should have something in the foreground and I don't. I liked day 1 better.

day 5, finished

Knife Oil Palette. White is in the middle of my white palette. The surface is kept smooth. the rest of the colors are set up as opposites in their correct positions. For palette knife work I like to make a tint of each color plus the main mixes.
More on this palette.

Knife Oil Palette

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