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Protea, Pastel 5-10-14

Masonite Hardboard, 20x16.25, #997

This pastal is primed with Golden Acrylic Pastel Primer. I didn't pre-prime the face with white gesso like I would for an acrylic, I figured pastels were opaque enough. Here is the list of materials I made up for myself. Take all your ammunition all the time.

A bowl of water, Water sprayer (to lock down color), Small stiff brush (to erase), Q-tip covered with thin baggie (to press in color), Chamois (to remove color), Wet rag, Magnifying glass, Mouth fix spray blower, Casein fix.

Day 1 pastel painting,

I got the board primed for pastel, the protea set up, the pastels setup and one flower started. I water wet the days work.


Day 2 pastel painting,

Wetting the pastel painting after the days work is smart, it locks down the days work, aids in the blending and elimination of skipped over empty spots. The next day you sharpen up your lines and your good to go. With a fine spray of water you don't lose any intensity of color.


Day 3 painting,

I'm still in a mean mood, it's 5-13-14 and it's raining again. I went on location (downstairs) to work on this pastel. I set everything up and for no reason at all, my picture was getting rain drops on it. I moved the location to a spot I though was safe, set it up and when I sat down the protea and vase fell over. That was it.. I was moving the location to my studio, that was rough. Getting the protea in the same places was impossible. The whole setup was impossible, I was really getting frustrated. Some days are like that. Ok, I'll do with what I have, that wasn't much. The primed board wasn't doing so well, I couldn't move the images around, the grit was full. That didn't happen on the board's grit that I made or paper that I glued to masonite to work on. I washed of the area that I want to change. That's where I am now, waiting for it to dry. NO, the grit came off, even though it is acrylic pastel grit it came off. The only choice I have now is to paint it back on. I think I'm gonna cuss, no one can hear me.. I'm changing my whole system, I'm not spraying the pastels, I'm brushing the finished areas with water, carefully.

Tip: I opened the acrylic ground for pastels and mold was forming, this just isn't my day. I sprayed the acrylic ground with ammonia, mold can't grow in ammonia.

1 day more to go, the wetting the pastel added a nice touch, not normal pastel but nice.
Color the pastel on a flat surface, you don't need the fallout.


Day 4 painting,
Krylon Matte Finish spray makes the colors lose 40-50%. I had to go over most of the color. I do want to test the casein mix, if it acts like water I won't lose any color. I should have red my past pastel notes.


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