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Cadmium Orange
Medium Opaque

36RCW#4.0.5, opaque, PO20, YYYM

Opposite Mussini Cobalt Blue Light, Opaque

YYYM, Mussini Cadmium Orange, Opaque.
The opposite color is Cobalt Blue, also opaque. The two mixed together will mix a lighter neutral gray, not black as transparent colors would.

Cadmium Orange is opaque in its mass state, and opaque as an under-tone. It is used in water colors, acrylic paints and in oil paints.

One mixing color must be transparent or two translucent to make a neutral dark, but this opposition does make a lot of nice lighter neutral grays.

It can't be made with an opaque yellow and opaque red, the mixed color is chalky.

It can be made with transparent yellow and transparent magenta.

It darkens with magenta and neutralizes with it's opposite color, cobalt blue.

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