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Burnt Sienna


Burnt Sienna color

 Mussini Burnt Sienna, Translucent,
Raw Sienna is cooler, 36RCW#3.3, both are PBr7.
Here's something about the RCW,
every pigment has its own number.

The third warm to cool diget is
sometimes the only difference.

Burnt Sienna is permanent, inorganic and always on my palette.

Burnt Sienna is dark translucent Orange. Mixing it with Ultramarine Blue makes a Burnt Umber hue. That means Burnt Umber can be left out of a limited palette and just use burnt Sienna.

Burnt Sienna is a natural pigment with silicone in it, that makes it semi-opaque or translucent in its mass state, transparent as an under-tone wash.

Another advantage of this burnt senna hue is that it doesn't soak up as much oil and still has gloss. More Ultramarine Blue will make it a neutral dark. If I had only four colors and white, this would be one of the four.

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