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Rembrandt Rose

YMMM, 36RCW#12.0.5, Translucent Scarlet-Crimson, PV:19
Rembrandt Rose, Translucent Scarlet-Crimson

A true scarlet-crimson color that makes the most beautiful pink.
Translucent and transparent colors need to be used over white for it's full brilliance to be seen.
It is a permanent specialty color not always loaded to the palette.

Permanent Rose, Phthalo Crimson, Quinacridone Crimson, Thalo Crimson

Rembrandt Blue Green, Transparent

36RCW#12 Opposite Colors 36RCW#27

Rembrandt Rose and Turquoise, two of the most beautiful colors in the world are opposites. These opposite colors mix to make a neutral dark of course. No other oil paint manufactured seems to make this magic color, it's called Rembrandt Rose. 1995, today 2009 it's a very popular color and many manufactures make it.
This color is right next to primary magenta which makes better blues because it has no yellow in it. PR122 magenta is more permanent also.

What elements and crystals represent these colors?

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