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Yellow Lead Chromate

(Rublev Natural Pigments, encapsulated)
Bellini Lemon Yellow Lead Chromate, Opaque,

Lemon Yellow Lead Chromate, Opaque, is a calcined lead.
It is very dense, permenant and opaque.
This is a cool yellow.

Chrome yellows offer several advantages as an artist oil paint. Compared to cadmium yellow and azo yellow, chrome yellows make dense, opaque paints that brush out long and flowing, yet the brush marks hold their shape.

Owing to its high refractive index of 2.3 to 2.7, lead chromate possesses good hiding power (opacity). The pigment's high tinting strength allows pure lead chromate to be diluted with extender pigments. The medium chrome yellows, which usually contain a minimum amount of lead sulfate, tend to have the greatest opacity and tinting strength.

Lead chromates dry moderately well, although the light chrome yellow primrose dries slower than the light and medium varieties. It is known that they enhance the film-forming qualities of oil paints.

Lead chromates disperse well in oil and have very low oil absorption. When ground in oil chrome pigments do not readily separate if the pigment is well dispersed.

Rublev Colours first introduced Chrome Yellow Primrose as an artist oil paint in August 2010, and today introduce Chrome Yellow Light and Chrome Yellow Medium. All chrome yellows in Rublev Colours Artists Oils use the encapsulated pigment type that is lightfast and resistant to acids and alkalis.

They also have Naples Yellow (lead Antimonate, Yel/s) and Naples Yellow Paris (lead Antimonate, Red/s), Pozzuoli Red (My choice of a warm red oxide), Minium (equal hue to Cadmium Red Light), Cyprus Burnt Umber Warm.

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