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Oil Palette Colors

Dioxine Purple Ultramarine Blue Cobalt Blue Thalo Cyan Blue Turquoise transparent Green Opaque Thalo Green
Burnt Umber Real Color Wheel in Pigments CenterW Permanent Green Light
Burnt Sienna Top Space
Venetian Red Yellow Green Opaque CENTER
Yellow Oxide bottom SPACE
Naples Yellow Light Green Gold Transparent Bottom
Magenta Rembrandt Rose Cadmium Red Medium Cadmium Orange Indian Yellow Gold transparent Cadmium Yellow Medium Cadmium Yellow Pale

Indian Yellow Brown/side
mass-tone transparent

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36RCW#1.4.8, PY150
7-16-9, images of all Indian Yellows, indianyellowtobrownPY153.htm

Indian Yellow brn/side

Old Holland Indian Yellow-Brown Lake, transparent, duel-toned, PY:150

This permanent synthetic transparent pigment is the second half of the Indian Yellow hue.

This brown darker side also lightens into Yellow with a clear medium, just as the Indian Yellow golden/side does.

An important characteristic of Indian Yellow brown/side is the fact that it will make close to a neutral dark by mixing it with it's opposite color Ultramarine Blue Dark.

Which of the two Indian Yellows is on my palette most of the time? It depends on the scene, both sometimes, brown side is on all the time.

This color is excellent for mixing nature's Greens.

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