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Emily's View of Nahiku, Maui

11x15, Acrylic on Masonite, #1005, 4-22-15

Nahiku, from Emily Booth's Porch

The width of the painting's image is the same as a view straight up from the sides of the canvas. Next is the contour lines of the earth coming towards you. You don't see the grid lines in a photograph. The charcoal lines first, then the inked lines, the charcoal lines are washed off.

Day1 charcoal and ink

Day three

Finished, Day 5, this is a simple painting but it took a long time. I like the cyan in the longer grass and the yellow in the shorter foreground grass. Today I head back to Makawao, a 2 hour drive.

I added the pictures of Tom Booth and Emily Booth because they were there painting too.

Tom Booth

Emily Booth

Last night 4-26-15, I had a dream about Tom's painting, he had asked me to shoot both of our paintings together. His took 3 days and mine took 5. His is very detailed, starting with a w/c drawing with everything outlined in pencil. Look at the scale difference. I have a 30ºx55º, 11x15 painting, Tom has a 55ºx55º, 12x16 painting, you can tell by the slant of his compressed hill that he has a wider view depicted.

Don Jusko Tom Booth

5-26-15, I had a problem, the Real Color Wheel image was removed from Google and couldn't be found. Now it's back up with both the RGB and CMYK color models.

Google Real Color Wheel

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