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Photographed color chips from the 36 Real Color Wheel.
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This clickable pigment chip Real Color Wheel map shows true opposition pigment colors for mixing neutral darks. Click on any color chip for more of that colors information. The revaluation of color wheel. Replace your old color wheel now. The Red-Yellow-Blue color wheel is inaccurate.

The primaries of pigment are the secondaries of light. Toward color theory.

Blockx Yellow CobaltOld Holland Gamboge Lake Ex. Syn.O.H. Indian Yellow Brown Lake Syn. Rembrandt Asphaltum Syn, very oilyBurnt UmberMussini Zinc Yellow, the coolest yellow. No linkBocour Cad Yellow Lead ChromateGrumbacher Cad Barium Yellow PaleMussini Naples Yellow Light, Nickle Titanium O.H. Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Syn. Dual-toneMussini Raw UmberBlockx Baryum Yellow, very weakO.H. Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Syn.Mussini Naples Yellow DeepYellow Raw OcherMussini Trans Yellow OxideGreen EarthGreen Gold Nickel AzoSap Green Syn. dual-toneGreen Umber EarthGreen OxideW/N FleshBurnt SiennaRembrandt Chinese Vermilion syn.O.H. Yellow Green OrganicMussini Cad. Yellow LemonMussini Cad yellow MiddleRembrandt Chinese Vermilion SynBlockx Venation Opaque Warm Red OxideCadmium OrangeCadmium Barium Red LightPermanent Green LightGrumbacher Phthalo Green LightMussini Opaque Green LightMussini Phthalo GreenTurquoise, Rembrandt Blue GreenCadmium Baryum Red LightRembrandt Red RoseRose Madder, Yarka Garance VioletGrumbacher Thalo BlueO.H. Scheveninge blue Light OpaqueD.Smith Quinacridone Magenta PR122Cobalt Violet Transparent, Cool Magenta Dual-tone Cobalt Blue LightMussini Royal Blue LightBlockx French Ult. BlueUltramarine VioletDioxazine PurpleMussini Royal Blue Deep Ultramarine DeepUltramarine LightDioxazine Purple tints cool

Mixed Pigment Complements photo chip chart, new window.

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Below is a photo-link to the RCW paintings.
Real Color Wheel

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