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Painting on Location by Don Jusko

Two Silver Cups

Alkyd on polyester covered wood panel

Line drawing in paint.
A bit of local color to define my shapes.

I'm using a ceramic white

I'm using a Ceramic White oil paint by Holbine and no extra oil medium. 
The other colors are Old Holland Ultramarine, Old Holland Bt. Umber,  Old Holland Indian Yellow Brown Lake Extra, Old Holland Gamboge, Daniel Smith Quinacridone Magenta, Rembrandt Chinese Vermilion, Grumbacher Thalo Blue and Liquitex Dioxazine.

As of now it's very dull and lean (because of no medium) and I can't see "into" to work into the darks. I must add some gloss to the pigments. I'll paint the next layer and the rest of the painting with an Gamblin Galkyd, an alkyd resin oil. Alkyd resins are polyhydric alcohol with polybasic acid.  These alkyd modified resins said to be non yellowing, but all oil yellows. Pure alkyd 25% and 75% turpentine plus oil paint will dry in 3 hours

Liquin is another alkyd resin with added oil. Alkyds mix well with normal oil paints and speeds drying. Paints stringie.

2 Silver Cups in alkyd oil medium

Wow! I love it

   Alkyd oil has some of the same qualities as water based acrylics and some of the best qualities of oil.

In acrylics I blend and glaze in layers because the paint dries so fast.

   I gave this oil painting painted so far without medium a thin coat of alkyd oil and let it dry.  Now I could see into the dark colors!

   This alkyd oil is one that is not premixed with any other natural oil to slow down the drying time, and so letting it dry and be repaintable and unresolvable again within three hours.  Damar takes two days to dry before reglazing.

   It's very nice to be able to work over an area twice in the same sitting, just like with acrylics.

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