Dioxine Purple Ultramarine Blue Cobalt Blue Thalo Cyan Blue Turquoise transparent Green Opaque Thalo Green
Burnt Umber Real Color Wheel in Pigments Permanent Green Light
Burnt Sienna
Venetian Red Yellow Green Opaque
Yellow Oxide
Naples Yellow Light Green Gold Transparent
Magenta Rembrandt Rose Cadmium Red Medium Cadmium Orange Indian Yellow Gold transparent Cadmium Yellow Medium Cadmium Yellow Pale

Yellow Shower Tree Next Door
Day & Night Paintings

Makawao, Maui, Hawaii

9-4-11, # 982, 7.5x5.5 Yellow Shower Tree Next Door.
It doesn't matter what you paint, it's how your paint it.
This view is right outside my front door. Being a building it takes me at least twice as long as a non-architecture painting. Being outside my front door makes it a very like-able subject. I was in no hurry to paint this little painting and as the days passed by the tree got more flowers on it. My building was blocking the wind from blowing the flowers off. Oh happy day.

This is how the painting started out. A few days later they trimmed it and the flowers started a-poppin. By the time I was finished with the tree it was in full bloom :)

Makawao Shower Tree 8-20-11  Makawao Shower Tree 8-26-11

It's a two story building I'm painting it in the early afternoon, just after the sun starts making a shadow on the roof. The shower tree is in the middle of the parking lot. I want to add the delivery guys car in the painting and it will be finished. Wow.. this tree is really pumping, it a lot of flowers on it now, it's great fun keeping up. First I have to paint the flowers in white twice and add the hue when it's dry. It just comes with the territory.
TIP: It takes two coats of jar white flowable consistency to get completely back to white, dry between coats. It's worth it, it never yellows.

Makawao Shower Tree 9-4-11

Here it is on 9-4-11, a fully loaded yellow shower tree using the full range of yellow. Old Holland Transparent Indian Yellow Orange Extra (Org/s or Warm Side) and Old Holland Indian Yellow Brown Extra, (Brn/s or Cool Side). On the 36 Real Color Wheel it is 36RCW#1.0.1 (cool/s) and #1.0.9 (warm/s).

Today, 3-21-12, I finished # 982, without any red car in sight, but I had the car 3/4 of the way finished so I had no problems.

Shower Tree Finished

Some day I'm going to paint clouds as the days go by. Maybe water colors on that new board that washes off until it's sealed. I could change the clouds as they changed. Sounds pretty exciting to me.

The night before last I saw the building at night and the tree was silhouetted against the lit up building. Hmm.. It looked good. Yesterday I took out a larger 15x11 panal and made the drawing. I can paint it in any night after sunset, maybe tonight or maybe I'll wait for a bigger moon. Look at the drawing to see how much the tree was cut back.

I like doing night paintings. I like to have white light on my painting but I'll take anything. I'll bet a lot of great painting were done in candle light. The last one I did took a week at 1 AM on the neighbor island Ohau by an orange street light. New Window; It was of my friend Jo's House.

The drawing, I did it during the day and painted at night.


Two nights of painting, the first night was the bottom half, I'm still working on the sky. The lighter color of the building was put in on the night I did the sky.
9-18-11, it's been awhile since I wrote but I have photos. Nope, I lost them. I have it to the point where I am going to add the silhouette of the tree. Why do I see green on one side of the silhouette? Here is my assesment. The yellow is in the tree and the reflection from the night sky is cyan, that's why I see some green. The opposition colors I will use for the silhouette are magenta and green with some yellow added on the right side. 1/2 hr. I got a first dark coat on the overhang roof also. I think I can finish in one or two more nights.

Whoa, did I ever put that off. It's 3-21-12 today and I still didn't finish it. How about this, it's 5-4-12 today and the foreground bush is growing. I have to finish it up now.
Well, I did get it 98% finished. Maybe next year, maybe never, good color though.

day2 NiteTree

It's 7-9-2015, the painting has been sitting around for awhile, under stuff. I found it and finished it. Sorry, there are two pages of this painting, this is the first page, I added the finished painting.

next door at night
15x11, masonit. The red toned sodium lights at the bottom are painted with red oxide
and its opposite color, Thalo blue. The sky is Thalo blue and ultramarine blue.
The truck is parked in front of the pizza place.

Another Acrylic Night Painting
On Oahu Island, Jo's House at Night, johousenite.htm