Dioxine Purple Ultramarine Blue Cobalt Blue Thalo Cyan Blue Turquoise transparent Green Opaque Thalo Green
Burnt Umber Real Color Wheel in Pigments CenterW Permanent Green Light
Burnt Sienna Top Space
Venetian Red Yellow Green Opaque CENTER
Yellow Oxide bottom SPACE
Naples Yellow Light Green Gold Transparent Bottom
Magenta Rembrandt Rose Cadmium Red Medium Cadmium Orange Indian Yellow Gold transparent Cadmium Yellow Medium Cadmium Yellow Pale
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Painting on Location by Don Jusko

Aloha Falls, Nahiku

Aloha Falls

I found this painting on my computer, it wasn't attached in any webpage so I made one. I remember painting it, I think I was in Nahiku, probably with my artist friend Tom Booth. This is a good example of reflections coming toward you, each of us see our own set of reflections.