Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Silver Oak and Jacarandas


11x15 Oil paint on linen panel

The purple jacaranda grove in Makawao. Jacaranda's start blooming at this 2,000 ft. altitude.

The orange and yellow-orange flowers of the Silver Oak are a complement color to the cobalt sky. I like to put complements from my color wheel side by side when I see them happen... and two major sets of complements is hard to pass up. Purple jacarandas and yellow-green sunlit grass is a given. Expect perfection, it happens all the time!

Day 1, it's very windy but a beautiful day Upcountry Maui. Today's medium is alkyd oil medium and oil paints. Jean Giordano is painting with me.

Windy !

   We found a place in the shade with a little wind protection and by 10:30 we were painting, well Jean was painting, I was drawing till 12:00. We finished for the day at 2:45.
   The other tree that is in full bloom is the Silver Oak (or Black Oak.)

Don, day 1

Jean day 1

Day 2, March 22, 2003.

I went back to my old favorite mixed oil medium,
it's easier to work with.

A 2 ounce bottle of medium is made of;
5 drops off the knife of cobalt drier, equals about 2%,
1 part stand oil,
3/4 part sun thickened linseed oil,
1/4 part raw cold pressed linseed oil,
1/8 part turpentine,
1/8 part bees wax desolved in warm turpentine.

Don day2

Jean day 2

Day 3, 

Don day 3

Day 4, 

Day 4

Drawing on the dry paint with white chalk to make the road lines and shadows.

Chalk drawing for shadows

Day 5, 


Jacaranda Paintings from 2002 to 2008

5-20-2 Early Spring Jacaranda Acrylic
6-5-2 Highest Jacaranda 4,000 Ft. Oil
6-15-2 Jacaranda and Driveway 3,500 Ft. Oil
3-21-3 Silver Oak and Jacarandas 2,000 Ft. Acrylic
#897 4-24-3 Acrylic
4-29-3 to 5-7-3 Oil
4-11-3 Acrylic 30x22
5-21-3 3,000 Ft. Acrylic
June, 2005, Kula, Copal Medium, Oil Medium, Water Color Medium
5-22-3 Knife Paintings Oil
5-27-03 /acrylic
4-26-5 mastic and wax
4-26-6 Mike's house Acrylic
4-29-7 to 5-9-7 Oil
5-10-7 to 5-20-7 Holy Ghost Church Acrylic
5-10-7 to 5-20-7 Kula Post Office Jacaranda Acrylic

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