Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Jacaranda Trees, June, 2005

Jacaranda Trees Painted in Kula, Maui. Copal Medium
Oil Medium, Water Color Medium

This is a 5.5x7.5 oil painting with the palette knife, it took 4 hours to finish.

This 7.5x11 watercolor also took 4 hours to finish. This was an example for me.
After doing 9 oil paintings in a row I forgot to leave planned white spaces in the watercolor.
Early on I laid an area with light cyan that I did leave in the final,
but no white spaces to give sparkle to the tree.

This composite photo below shows how I paint the scene directly above the canvas.
The canvas width is the views width.
Painting what I see.
This view of the West Maui mountains with 2 Jacaranda Trees, is painted with Garrett's Copal.

After drawing the pattern outlines in Rembrandt light gray pastel and brushing it off with a feather, I used a light turpentine wash of color to replace all the lines.

I haven't seen the lighting I want in this painting yet. I want the two distant jacaranda trees to be in the sun and every thing else in the shade. Maybe some sun rays if I go for the late afternoon.

Right now I haven't made any permanent color commitments so tomorrow I can get there anytime.

I was a little bored with painting jacaranda again, I saw this giant little boy sitting, facing the West Maui mountains in the foreground tree I was planning to make in shadows. I'm going to accentuate it.

It's not finished yet. I have to get the aerial perspective right for a sunlit tree behind the foreground shadowed tree in front of the middle ground shadow at the elevation edge.
That plus orange blossoms on it and morning shadows.

Well now I know about what I want the painting to look like, it's not as exciting in the photograph.

The end is in sight. Tomorrow morning I'll get 100% coverage.

I have 100% coverage and feel good. Just the center middle ground area is going to be in the sun. The rest of the foreground will be in the shade. This has added new excitement to me, and the painting. Tomorrow mornings clouds should provide the shade I need.

I hope I'm quick enough to catch them.

Clouds are our friends, but they are fickle friends.

I was here bright and early for the deepest shadows. Meet a man 90 years old out for a walk. Painted in the shadows fast and furious. I know I'm not finished, the excitement of capturing this view is captivating.

The Garret copal set up nicely and I only had to paint washes to deepen the colors.
Garrett Copal Painting Mediums - Clovis
Garrett copal painting mediums are hand made mediums made for the professional artist
Contact; Ron Garrett - Address: 1616 Claremont, Clovis, NM 88101 - Tel: 505-762-5167 - Email: - Url:

Tomorrow I have the foreground trees to finish, the sunlit area is going to be reduced a little and I'll add some detail to the valley in the middle background

The sun and the shade worked very well, I'm looking forward to the next one showing both in the same painting. I'm going to re-shoot this image. The best one I got was white balancing in the sun on white and shooting it in the shade with a sun lit view behind the painting. That was yesterdays painting stage, it has better shadow colors. The blue foreground tree is too light also. I'll stop by the paintings location tomorrow morning on my way to Hana. Because I don't like changing colors off location.

Jacaranda West Maui View

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